Unified communications

Audio and video conferencing systems facilitate remote contact and cooperation. Additionally, this means of communication is considered as natural as a face-to-face encounter.

Audio and video conferencing are a successful alternative to a direct meeting. Employees can actively participate in meetings without leaving the office and simultaneously enjoy a subtle and clear way of communication which is very close to a traditional conversation. On top of that, a tele-presence system allows making the connection in no time. This is particularly important when prompt contact has an impact on business.

Audio-visual systems endure all types of communication, regardless of whether the employees work in the same location or not. They also allow efficient communication when commuting or travelling on business. Moreover, the systems can add value to communication by means of multimedia materials. Once sent, they can reach thousands of recipients.

A faster flow of information makes the team more effective. Also, thanks to audio-visual conferencing systems it is possible to give up some business travel, which means saving time and money and in turn contributes to the company’s turnover.

What can you gain?

  • Exceptionally natural and real-life ways of communication regardless of the distance between interlocutors
  • Ability to participate in meetings without leaving the office or home
  • Faster and easier internal cooperation
  • Increased team productivity and efficient decision making processes
  • Ability to partially give up business travelling
  • Significantly lower costs and increased efficiency

DECT is a high quality cordless telephone system designed for employees who are mobile within the building or campus. The system fully satisfies the business needs of staff who is based in the office as well as employees who are based in industrial areas. Thanks to DECT users can take and/or make phone calls, put the call on hold, open a teleconference call, or listen to a voice message. A user-friendly interface in 5 language options ensures a quick and easy access to all available functions.

DECT is composed of a set of cordless headsets and radio base station. Technologies implemented in the system enable a high number of users to benefit from DECT without experiencing any disturbances and interfering other radio signals. Depending on the selected option of the service, the system can cover 1000 radio base stations and support up to 2000 headsets. Alternatively, it can include 32 radio base station and 120 phones. There are two types of headset available and the choice depends on the needs of the users. The low-cost option, with a black and white screen and speakerphone, offers the maximum conversation time up to 16 hours and standby up to 180 hours. The extended option, on the other hand, with a coloured screen, speakerphone, Bluetooth interface, and water- and dustproof cover, offers the maximum conversation time up to 20 hours and standby up to 120 hours.

Additionally, the system can be enriched by such functionalities like sending text messages, internal phone book, access to external phone book, centralised remote telephone configuration, virtual SIM cards, etc. Flexible as it is, the system can be adapted to the user’s needs, which in turn is in line with advanced security profiles. It has advanced subscription and authentication protocols as well as encryption algorithms that prevent unauthorized access and tapping. The solution is cost-efficient, easy to implement and expand.

What can you gain?

  • Improving work efficiency and communication, both in the office and the industrial area
  • Saving time spent on necessary moves around the building
  • High quality of transfer via wireless network
  • Extended conversation and standby time thanks to low power consumption by the system
  • Internal communication security thanks to protection against unauthorized access and tapping
  • Reliable and undisturbed operation of the system which can be adjusted to your needs
  • Additional benefits thanks to efficient communication and reducing time spent on face-to-face meetings.

The network fax server in our offer is an increasingly popular and high-tech tool which significantly facilitates the process of faxing documents. The product has won a number of awards and has so far been implemented in 65,000 companies across 106 countries, enabling its users to send and receive fax, just as easy as email.

Thanks to integrating the system with Outlook, managing email and fax is possible through a single tool. Fax is sent as an attachment to an email, which is not only very comfortable, but also impacts the speed of both internal and external communication. At the same time, another feature of the fax server is high flexibility and adaptability to the client’s needs. The basic 5-user option can be scaled to any number of users regardless of their base location or organization chart alignment. Consequently, fax servers can cover from 2 up to 200 network lines. When the client has IP phone system, a fax can be received and sent without having to order any additional telephone line or installing fax cards.

Faxing without having to leave the office is another advantage guaranteed by this solution. The whole process of transferring documents takes place in front of the screen, by means of a few simple mouse clicks. Additionally, extending the system with a few extra functionalities means that every document will always be converted to PDF and sent by fax or email without having to worry about any discrepancies between the original document and the received file. The Failover module ensures secure transfer of data via a back-up server so that the process is not affected by any system failure.

What can you gain?

  • 5 times faster faxing of documents comparing to other devices,
  • System integration with the existing infrastructure, i.e. Microsoft platform, accounting, office applications or fax devices
  • Intuitive interface which enables organizing the faxing process – fax browser, notifications in taskbar and priorities, interruptions, and fax reminders
  • Opportunity to work with smart fax cards and Fax over IP (FoIP)
  • Quick and easy system installation and configuration along with an option of notifications about update availability
  • Zetafax installation available on all machines within the computer’s network thanks to Windows Group Policy
  • Access to knowledge base through the Zetafax Knowledge Base website and technical support by phone and/or email
  • A wide range of additional modules available to personalize the tool to your needs
  • Opportunity to insert signatures, stamps, marks, notes, etc. into the documents
  • Savings – lower use of paper, toner, electricity, and fax line charges

Our solution is one step ahead of any other similar tools designed to record company calls. The system not only makes it possible to record current phone calls and data from the computer screen, but also allows storing the call history, index and search through. Therefore, the system supports the client in keeping high security standards in the company as well as verifying/analysing the archived data.

The call recording and archiving system provides unlimited opportunities thanks to simultaneous operation on several thousands of channels and many centres from one central administrative point. At the same time, all operations can be controlled in real time. In turn, full integration of the phone and computer by means of CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) enables monitoring calls between the agent and the client and simultaneously monitoring the agent’s activity on the computer – key board entries, and screen navigation.

The suggested system opens the door to the full analysis of data collected in the mass memory. The graphic representation in the application allows drawing relevant conclusions far quicker and loading and searching through the data becomes easy to handle. Another advantage of the system is a unified method of  calls recording, both in the traditional telephony system and IP. The already available TDM system provides the Client with the call recording option in the IP environment, and at the same time, protects the Client from bearing additional investment costs.

What can you gain?

  • An efficient, real-time  monitoring of telephone calls:
  • Uninterrupted registration of calls and data from computer screens in the company
  • Opportunity to collect, index, easy search and playback of recorded calls and data
  • AES-256 encryption option in order to raise security standards while registering, sending, and archiving data
  • Data archiving management e.g. setting time and storing method
  • Convenient data analysis thanks to the graphic representation of call list – the opportunity to define patterns and trends by means to colour coding in quantitative comparisons
  • Central administration of data from a single site by a single user, which reduces expenses for administration purposes
  • Access to a wide range of standard, initially configured reports
  • Opportunity to rely on mass storage which significantly reduces expenses and facilitates system operation

A billing system is a specialist tool used to develop monthly lists and manage settling of accounts for telephone calls with contractors. As the billing application works in line with the highly efficient database Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (the so called MSDE 2000), it is possible to store and operate on a large quantity of billing data. Information storing system can be successfully built up and therefore it does not cause any extra costs connected with the purchase of additional data storage devices. There is flexible access to billing lists since it is available from any place in the company and any device connected to the corporate network.

Invoices issued by means of Telbaza can comprise settling of accounts for phone calls as well as extra services. The system also allows selecting various language or currency options, and exporting data to an external invoicing application. The invoice can be sent out by email or post. The system provides a full range of calculating call costs based on billing pulses or tables. Moreover, the system is adjusted to various operators as it holds billing rates of mobile phone operators and gives the opportunity to settle Client accounts at the selected supplier.

Additionally, our system provides subcontractors with an option of controlling employee calls along with detailed reporting. Companies that are keen to cut costs, increase employee efficiency as well improve the quality of calls will especially appreciate this solution. Registry of missed calls, outgoing calls, daily statistics and call duration, and the time taken to answer an incoming call are functionalities used to evaluate the proportion of time spent on business and private calls of the employees. When customer service on the phone constitutes the essence of company operation, any irregularity or abuse can be levelled by introducing relevant tools such as blocking the dialled number or Internet connection. System reports can be sent both via email and made available through an online browser via the Net Reporter platform.

What can you gain?

  • Efficient issuing of invoices to telephone lines subcontractors
  • An option to adjust invoice layout, including language selection, to client preferences
  • Updating billing rates and storing history along with billing dates
  • Developing a database of all calls in Telbaza and an opportunity to provide subcontractors with detailed reports on phone calls made by their staff
  • Subcontractor satisfaction thanks to reducing costs, limiting the time of calls and increasing efficiency of their staff due to call controlling
  • Automation of the application by configuring the system so that it operates according to company set up and calendar
  • Security of billing data by connecting it to the data buffer centre and storing it in memory outside of other devices.
  • Application in a module architecture which can be easily extended for  with new functionalities