Unima 2000 shares

Current listings of Unima 2000 Systemy Teleinformatyczne S.A. on the Warsaw Stock Exchange:

Prospectus and annexes:

  • Registration document for the issue of series E shares
  • Offer document for the issue of series E shares
  • Annex of August 11, 2009 to the prospectus
  • Summary document

The history of operations on shares:

  • First listing – September 2006 – the first public issue of the Company’s shares
  • Share split – The company did not split the shares
  • Dividend – Ordinary General Meeting of Unima 2000 Systemy teleinformatyczne S.A. on June 21, 2017, decided to pay a dividend from the profit for 2016 (current report No. 19/2017).
  • Pre-emptive right –The company did not issue shares with pre-emptive rights
  • Calls –No calls for Unima 2000 shares
  • Compulsory buyout –No compulsory buyout for Unima 2000 shares

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