Unima 2000 is not only a provider of high end technical solutions, but also specialist support and access to professional trainings on the implementation and usage of the offered tools.

Trainings for administrators and users of systems offered by UNIMA 2000 are unique opportunity to get to know all the functionalities of the solutions implemented in the company.

The organiser provides participants with the highest level of knowledge and excellent organisation of meetings, as well as cooperation with well-trained staff of engineers-teachers, and access to a well-equipped technical laboratory. The training programme is planned so that it is optimally adapted to client’s needs. The training system is flexible and thus the sessions can be delivered either in Unima 2000 headquarters, the branch  in Warsaw as well as on the client’s premises. Classes finish with a test and the participants are granted a certificate confirming the skills acquired during the training.

What can you gain?

  • High quality training under the guidance of the best professionals
  • Practical and theoretical training delivered either in company offices or the on the premises of Unima 2000
  • Knowledge of all the functionalities of solutions implemented in the company
  • Efficient and effective use of existing tools
  • Certificate confirming gained skills and knowledge