Network solutions

LAN switches constitute a solution that ensures comprehensive maintenance and service of network infrastructure, from small branches and effective distribution nodes and server aggregators in datacentres to network cores. Switches can be successfully implemented in many sectors such as education, finance, production, and hospitality as well as guarantees successful operation.

Among various types of LAN switches, there are two newest solutions that are especially worth mentioning – Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) 5600 and Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) 8800. The first one is an innovative and unique device that enables the service of several terabyte capacity in stack.. The second one is characterized by high efficiency and the ability to service virtual networks and transfer new generation data.

LAN switches provide a wide range of modern edge switches which ensure full reliability and high efficiency based on tower architecture using FAST (Flexible Advanced Stacking Technology). The switches can work in stack and at the same time are resistant, productive, efficient, and flexible. Ethernet core switches prove useful as an aggregation point for connections between users linked to edge switches and applications using the infrastructure in the datacentres. Thanks to the use of Switch Clustering, the applications can work on a wireless basis, too. Horizontal Stacking, on the other hand, contributes to lower use of electricity, which means financial profit for the Client.

What can you gain?

  • Electricity saving by 40% and decrease in technology maintenance costs by 50%
  • More resistant network with fewer elements and reduced complexity
  • High quality devices, high efficiency and reliability
  • Fast transfer of data, including new generation formats
  • Effective internal communication in the company

Wireless Local Area Network is an attractive alternative to standard wire connections. It enables wireless access to top business applications, IP telephony and multimedia. Moreover, WLAN ensures both high standard of wireless connection and unified wire/wireless architecture in companies which use both types of connections.

WLAN can be fully integrated with switches and routers, which will improve the efficiency of many applications and simplify the network and reduce the number of its parts. WLAN access points provide wireless access to mobile devices, carry out encoding and decoding of wireless traffic as well as identify and block hostile AP. WLAN devices provide  functional software used for designing and managing the network. This enables fast configuration of many devices with one click and monitoring and reporting in order to achieve full control over the system operation.

Clients will surely appreciate WLAN wireless network along with its productivity and resistance and consequently, high standards of work and operation.

Flexibility, high availability and deadlocks elimination provided by the solution  guarantees that users stay connected to the network from any location.

What can you gain?

  • Saving energy and eliminating cabling and related costs
  • Increased productivity and reliability of network connection
  • Unified and less complex network infrastructure as well as simpler implementation, configuration and network management
  • Higher mobility and efficiency thanks to availability of connections – voice, multimedia, etc.
  • Opportunity to integrate wire and wireless infrastructures
  • Unified security and central management of wire and wireless connections
  • High quality devices with available auto-diagnostics and auto-repair

Routers, media gateways and Virtual Private Network gateways are devices which serve to improve and secure data transfer within the company’s internal network. They build a unified and effective internal communication in multi-department organisations.

High quality routers function as an advanced communication nodes. They build a net of connections between each subnet, while any data transfer and download goes smoothly. As a result, modern routers enable integration of scattered integral network within all departments of the company and guarantee successful communication.

Media gateways, on the other hand, can consolidate various transport mechanisms of the network such as routing, masquerading, firewall, stream management, proxy, etc. VPN gateways constitute a convenient option for those clients who would like to facilitate fast and safe connection with the corporate intranet to employees or end customers.

What can you gain?

  • Highly efficient and reliable tools
  • Effective integration of communication across departments
  • Secure and effective data transfer and the opportunity to connect to the intranet from any location outside company premises
  • Coherent integration between traditional network devices such as router, and LAN, firewall and VPN
  • Unified and efficient internal communication

A wide portfolio of network solutions makes us able not only to better use and manage network resources but also ensure full security. Advanced technologies designed to protect data bring additional benefits such as simple operation and integration with any software, increased accessibility of network and shorter interruptions of service for end users, compliance with the corporate security policy, and, last but not least, the opportunity to minimize the costs of network infrastructure maintenance thanks to centralized management.

Network Access Control solutions guarantee secure access to the corporate network for end users with consideration of user access rights depending on the user’s role and function in the company. Based on open standards, the solutions provide the option of secure transfer of data and security status scanning in LAN, WLAN and VPN infrastructures. Moreover, relevant modules detect and assess the compatibility of devices with regulations and consequently run an on-going monitoring process. This contributes to eliminating any instances of security violation in the corporate network environment and enables staff to enjoy comfortable use of the system thanks to high integrity with the environments.

Our solutions work successfully regardless of the available equipment and thus they can be implemented in any environment. At the moment we offer Secure Network Access, which stands for the safe access to the network. The product is optimized for LAN devices produced by Avaya and a suite of products based on Identity Engines software which was built from scratch as a fully compatible and open solution based on the 802.1X. protocol.

What can you gain?

  • Increased security of corporate resources thanks to the control of end devices accessing the network
  • On-going monitoring of security settings and correct operation of the devices
  • Smooth integration with every network environment and simple operation
  • Increased accessibility of the network and shorter interruptions of service for end users
  • Compliance with the corporate security policy
  • Opportunity to reduce costs of infrastructure maintenance

Our network solutions entail a wide variety of products which enable building advanced networks and improving the use and management of network resources. They are reliable (7 times more reliable than the competitive products) and efficient (up to 40% more energy saving) and guarantee high return on investment (costs lower up to 50%). Our portfolio of network infrastructure management applications is designed for companies, especially those operating in such sectors like: education, finance, production, hospitality and public and local government administration.

The portfolio of network solutions comprises:

Ethernet Switching is a series of LAN switches and routers which provide a full spectrum of solutions for various applications, ranging from branch offices, high-performance network nodes, and aggregation of servers in data centres up to the core switches. Among them there are the latest and most modern models of switches, which provide the first and only solution capable of handling terabyte capacity in the stack, as well as a virtual network supporting next-generation data flow.

Unified Branch constitutes a number of routers and devices to a virtual private network (VPN) and media gateways that provide secure connections and the use of unified communication for multi-branch companies. They are a combination of exceptional performance with a high degree of consolidation of services. They are also characterized by the integration of the functionality of unified communication with telecommunications servers, IP phones and voice platforms for elevated locations.

Wireless Networking presents cost-effective and scalable solutions for wireless networks (WLAN), which meet the requirements of the present day, as well as allow you to meet the challenges of the future in the rapidly growing wireless segment. While today wired networks are yet the basis for data transfer in many companies, increased bandwidth in the proposed solution becomes a viable alternative. The new architecture of the proposed tools enabled the unification of wireless and wired transfer with greater efficiency and lower total cost.

Unified Management is a series of integrated applications forming the basis for the unified management of a whole range of solutions. They allow comprehensive management of the transmission of data, voice and multimedia services using Common Services. Common Services allow for the integration of network management applications with each other, so that their components (e.g. user data, information from databases, certificate management) can be shared without the need to repeat the same definitions and configuration for each application. The result is a single, fully integrated management platform that provides a unified view of the network.

What can you gain?

  • Up to 7 times higher reliability of network infrastructure
  • Up to 20 times better efficiency of implemented solutions
  • Up to 50% better results in TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) – minimising costs thanks to the integration and centralisation of solutions
  • Up to 40% energy saving
  • Lower use of equipment by 1/3 thanks to the innovative and simplified network architecture
  • Saving time spent on installing, configuring, maintaining and servicing of the system
  • Simpler operation of the network and more effective management