Business Applications

The Call/Contact Center platform can be continuously improved and expanded with new elements to support and additional functionalities.

Our offer provides:

  • Systems from the workforce management category the purpose of which is to improve human resource management
  • Visualization systems (for wallboard panels or LCD screens), providing a faster exchange of information with a larger group of people, which in turn improves the quality of customer service
  • System optimization of multi-channel Call/ Contact Center (ACD + IVR+ CC), which shorten the time the customer waits for a reply by e-mail or chat
  • Applications supporting multi-channel contact management
  • Solutions for managing the quality of work in the Contact Center (Quality
  • Predictive Dialling System (PDS) that allows to generate and handle a lot of traffic coming from the Call / Contact Center
  • Video conferencing systems

In addition, these tools can be integrated with CRM/BPM solutions offered by the leading software manufacturers, both national and foreign (e.g. Microsoft). A wealth of applications for Call/ Contact Center will be additional support for business. We should distinguish the following:

  • Business Applications – Customer Relationship Management (CRM) support business interaction with the outside world in terms of sales, after-sales service and maintenance, such as CRM applications, helpdesk applications and applications dedicated to specific industries
  • Business Applications – Business Process Management (BPM) support business process management and coordination of information flow between the systems and processes, such as Workflow, document management applications, and internal processes management.

A perfect complement of the mentioned improvements will be the fax server which enables sending and receiving faxes just as easily as it is to send an email and manage faxes and emails through a single application.

What can you gain?

  • Improved system of Call / Contact Center by implementing additional solutions and applications
  • Higher standards of work and a better quality of customer service;
  • Technical support from professionals at UNIMA 2000 in the selection and implementation of additional solutions
  • High-end solutions that provide, among others: better interaction of the company with external partners in terms of sales, effective management of business processes and human resources, effective coordination of information, etc.