Audit and Consulting

In order to assess the level of efficiency of use of IT infrastructure in the company, clients can benefit from our Data Communication Audit, which is carried out by a group of experts. This poses an excellent opportunity to conduct an in-depth analysis of the company’s operation and detect any anomalies. It is also a chance to introduce positive changes and reduce the cost of business operations.

As part of the audit process, our experts will take a number of research and analytical activities, including:
  • Collecting data on the structure of IT traffic in the company on the basis of billings, invoices, etc., and listing the running costs for the last 6 months
  • Completing a survey to illustrate the current state of the telecommunications system – the system structure, types of equipment, PBX, telecommunication lines, operator billing rates, etc.
  • Developing and analysing the collected data in terms of traffic and costs broken down by the local, international and mobile networks charges

Nevertheless, this does not cover all of the services we can offer to optimise processes in your company. As a follow-up to audit, there is always an opportunity for consulting. Therefore, the client can rely on the professional advice on the possibility of reducing their current expenditure. Our counsellors will indicate how to best use IT and communication systems, provide advice on the selection of recommendable operators, and suggest potential hardware changes along with the statement of investment costs.

What can you gain?

  • In-depth analysis of the current use of IT systems
  • Audit which will lead to reducing telecommunication costs by tens of per cent
  • Expert advice on where and how to reduce the costs associated with the use of information and communication systems
  • Selection of optimal and beneficial solutions for the client after the audit takes place
  • Satisfactory results and real savings